Sian Ka’an, The Origin of the Sky

Picture a map of the Riviera Maya’s beautiful coastline, stretching down the eastern side of the Yucatán Peninsula. Tracing your eyes south of Cancun, pass the buzz of Playa del Carmen, the boho-boutiques and villas of Tulum and you’ll find the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve.

Aptly named by the Mayans meaning ‘the origin of the sky’, the area’s 1.3 million acres of natural paradise are made up from water systems, marshes, mangroves, beaches and virgin tropical forest. As one of the most ecologically diverse places in the world, the reserve has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the largest protected area in the Mexican Caribbean. Sian Ka’an hosts a rich variety of flora and fauna, otherworldly natural beauty, and rare phenomena like freshwater sinkhole cenotes and islands of trees that emerge from swamps known as petenes.

Sian Ka’an’s semi-remote location is part of the allure for those dreaming of quietude in an extraordinary setting. A world away from the lively resorts and high-rise hotels further up the coast, the area has a scattering of private villas on large jungle lots that are framed by the Caribbean Sea to one side, and mangrove lagoons to the other. This is the place to experience the definition of privacy in a preserved oasis, ideal for those who like to escape into nature and simply relax. Add in luxury beachfront villas with exceptional service and you’ve got the perfect vacation retreat.

Villas in the northern reaches of Sian Ka’an are between a 20-45+ minute drive depending how deep the property sits into the reserve, as well as the seasonal road conditions. As access is via an unpaved and sometimes bumpy section of road, accommodations inside the reserve are highly recommended for guests who love to stay put and disconnect. Those wanting to move in and out of Tulum or visit sites across the Riviera Maya would be well suited to hotels and villas further up the coast.

Travelers looking to see more of the amazing flora and fauna within Sian Ka’an can channel their inner-explorer on guided experiences. Take a boat through the mangroves to spot local wildlife like crocodiles, turtles, manatees, dolphins, and more than 300 species of birds! You can float along natural ‘lazy rivers’, and enjoy other activities such as fishing, kayaking, swimming, or hiking to the Mayan archaeological remains of Muyil.

If your imagination is already running with Sian Ka’an daydreams, you’ll want to take a look at these stunning villas found within the reserve!


Casa Mam

Beachfront, elegant and secluded, Casa Mam’s modern architecture provides a tropical retreat. Enjoy the rooftop deck infinity pool and 360 views over nature’s timeless beauty. In the spirit of environmental awareness, wind and solar-power are used to run the modern appliances. As one of the first homes when entering the Sian Ka’an Reserve, Tulum is still somewhat accessible for a couple of day trips, with the villa located just passing the “arches” that separate the areas.


Casa Naiik

Casa Naiik oozes contemporary cool, using wood and clean lines in its design. The minimalist space opens up to tropical breeze and stunning sea views thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows throughout. Take a dip with sea and lagoon views from the rooftop infinity pool.


Casa Ikal

This stylish beachfront villa is newly built and just gorgeous. The modern design of Casa Ikal includes open-air rooms, wooden decking and furniture, and marble floors. Head up to the rooftop terrace deck and bask in a double infinity pool with unreal views.


Casa Bautista

Casa Bautista is where modernist architecture meets nature. The main building materials of concrete and wood blend with earthy decorative tones, creating an edgy eco-design. Step straight onto the white sand beach, soak in the hot tub, or take a swim in the oceanview rooftop infinity pool.


Uh K’aay

The serene Villa Uh K’aay is wonderfully designed to feel immersed in the stunning surroundings; with terraces, retracting walls and open corridors inviting nature in. A star viewing area and rooftop infinity saltwater pool are dreamy touches.

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