Mantea Casa Cabo: Luxury Living on the Los Cabos Cliffs

Perched on the cliffs overlooking Waldorf Astoria Pedregal, Mantea Casa Cabo sits in one of the world’s great luxury destinations. How, then, does it successfully stand out in a community populated by Hollywood stars, world-class athletes, and global entrepreneurs?

The answer is simple: it does everything, and everything it does, it does in style.

The eight-bedroom villa lies on the cutting edge of design. Modern, sophisticated, cool. Everything considered. Clean, white walls are broken with natural materials of wood and stone. Color comes from the interjection of beautifully green tropical plants.

Mantea and its main infinity pool

Mantea and its main infinity pool

The neutrality of the estate means nothing is taken from the gorgeous, panoramic views over the glittering Sea of Cortez ahead. Vistas can be enjoyed from the villa’s infinity pools, hot tub, sauna, bedrooms, and plenty of other spots throughout the property.

Additionally, a sense of calm pervades throughout the residence thanks to Zen gardens, 12-foot waterfalls, and a design that encourages natural airflow. Also, dotted throughout the villa are 12 fire pots an addition that — with the earthy gardens, splashing waterfalls, and flowing breeze — completes the natural element quartet of earth, water, air, and fire.

The villa’s amenities also go far beyond the norm. Outside, there are two infinity pools, a hot tub, sauna, swim-up bar, and plenty of sun loungers to capture the Cabo San Lucas sun. Inside, there’s a sauna, top-of-the-range home theater, fully equipped kitchen, and a modern gym.

And, for a moment, let us dwell on the master bedroom. The entire second-level is committed to this sprawling living space named La Luna. It has its own 30-foot infinity pool, Zen garden, his and her’s bathrooms, and large walk-in closets. Guests also enjoy rain showers, onyx vanities with hidden TVs, a Brazilian rosewood floating bed, and headboard centered with backlit African Agate. The highlight, of course, is that ocean view — a huge stretch of cerulean and light blue.

Mantea's master bedroom, La Luna

Mantea’s master bedroom, La Luna

Life in the other seven bedrooms is hardly a struggle. The Salmar and Laguna suites come with ensuite bathrooms and tropical showers, a large closet, and more ocean views. Alterra, Piertra, Ignes, Alrena, and Marena come with ensuites, closets, and wonderfully inviting beds. Pure bliss.

While many will find it difficult to escape the luxuriousness of the villa, there’s one draw that might prove too strong — the villa’s very own top-of-the-range yacht.

The Savi, as it is known, is a beautifully sleek vehicle from Rio Yachts’ Granturismo 56 line. When you see it, you instantly fall in love. Its all-black outer shell and mirrored windows are Batman-esque. Its smooth lines are alluring. Inside, you’ll find stylish, cream sofas and pop-out TVs. Realistically, though, cruises will be spent on the boat’s upper decks, feeling the wind through your hair.

Guests can rent the 62-foot vessel for pre-determined trips — for example, a couple’s voyage visiting Cabo San Lucas’s famous Land’s End Arch and sea lion colony, or a full-day tour which includes whale watching — or they can take a customer charter led by the captain. Whichever route is chosen, there’s unlikely to be any boat as stylish or beautiful in the near vicinity.

So there it is. A treasure chest of luxury amenities presented exquisitely.

But, of course, to be among the very best in Pedregal, one has to go further. And Mantea does.

Every stay includes a gourmet chef and butler, providing world-class food throughout the day. The menu is extensive, but the kitchen is happy to work around guests’ taste buds. Mexican snacks such as ceviche, guacamole, and quesadillas, are the perfect accompaniment to the day’s sunbathing.

Mantea's living area

Mantea’s living area

Furthermore, a dedicated general manager is on-hand to make sure the vacation runs without a hitch, while cleaning and maintenance staff make sure the property stays immaculate throughout the vacation.

So that is how Mantea does it; how it has become a shining star in a galaxy of shining stars. It does everything, and everything it does, it does in style.


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