Inside Puerto Estate: The Luxury Getaway With A Personal Touch

Villas by Journey Mexico chats to butler Omar Fernandez about his luxurious place of work, Puerto Estate, one of the most in-demand vacation destinations in the Riviera Maya.


Omar Fernandez in Puerto Estate

Omar Fernandez in Puerto Estate


“I remember that first time,” says Omar Fernandez, butler for the ultra-luxurious Puerto Estate, as we discuss the first time he saw the two-villa complex in Puerto Aventuras.

“It’s really secluded, so you really don’t know what you’re getting into.

“Once you’re past the large vegetation and the trees, then you walk into the house, and you have the view. That’s when it hits you like ‘wow, this is nice.’”

The view of which he speaks is a stunning panoramic vista of the white-sand beach on which the complex sits and over the aquamarine seas ahead. It’s the type of breathtaking beauty that the Riviera Maya has in abundance, but which never fails to delight.


The beach view from Villa Zacil Na

The beach view from Villa Zacil Na


With three years working at this stunning Riviera Maya getaway, he’s probably over that initial shock, but he tells me he sees the same reaction on the faces of new guests as they arrive.

The estate itself is the combination of two neighboring villas: Casa del Agua and Villa Zacil Na. The former is a boho-chic, four-bedroom getaway set under a towering thatched roof, the latter a dreamy, modern hideout with five-bedrooms and minimalist décor. Both enjoy panoramic views and easy access to an idyllic beach.

Unsurprisingly, thanks to its paradisical location and high-end amenities, Puerto Estate has become one of the most desired vacation spots in the whole Riviera Maya. But it’s not just the infinity pools, gorgeous sunrises, and the Caribbean Sea that sets it apart; it’s the personal touches that Omar and the rest of the backroom team provide.


Puerto Estate at night

Puerto Estate at night


He tells me: “We are really proactive. We like to pay attention to those little details, to make things happen, and I think that sets us apart from the rest. We don’t really have a set menu, we don’t have a protocol, the guests set the protocol.”

Omar’s official title is butler, but really he’s a shapeshifter, a modern-day Proteus, going from concierge to bartender, driver to entertainer in the blink of an eye. He arrives around 45 minutes before breakfast and leaves when the guests go to bed. The personal touch is everything at Puerto Estate.

But while Omar whips up a mid-afternoon margarita or helps the kitchen team prepare a snack, guests have the difficult choice of exploring the culturally rich Riviera Maya or enjoying the world-class amenities at Puerto Estate.

“A lot of people come with a lot of plans [to explore the Riviera Maya] — I would say most guests have that in mind — but end up staying at home,” he tells me.

“I think that would be me,” he adds, as he imagines being a guest at Puerto Estate. “Just relaxing and being pampered, getting all the dishes and drinks I like, just laying by the pool or in the living area. There are so many places where you can just read your favorite book with your snack and drink.

“I would definitely be one of those guests that stays in the villas all day.”

But if he did explore the nearby areas?

“I’m really into archeological sites,” he says. “Even though I have visited most of them, I would go and visit them again. Every time I go, I discover something new. I love Tulum and the ocean views from the top at the castle. The Tulum hotel zone has a lot of cuisine, there’s a lot of restaurant options there, and the vibe is particular. It’s like eco-chic, jungley — I really enjoy Tulum.”


The beach-side ruins in Tulum

The beach-side ruins in Tulum


Whichever option the guest plumps for, they can be assured that Omar and the team will be on-hand to make their vacation extra special, although he’s quick to praise the quality of the villas rather than the deft touches from himself and the team.

“We are just the salt and pepper,” Omar says. “This place is magical, and we’re just here to complement that.”

With nine bedrooms, nine bathrooms, pools, and easy access to the beach, Puerto Estate is ideal for your next big trip. Rent Puerto Estate from $2,450 per night, which includes the two villas plus Omar and his excellent team.

If you would like to make Puerto Estate your next vacation destination, fill out our Trip Planner. We can help you secure your accommodation and even arrange once-in-a-lifetime tours across the Riviera Maya, including an off-hours visit to the Tulum ruins.