Inside Hacienda Jaguar, Riviera Maya’s Newest Private Villa Rental

Hacienda Jaguar beach with kayaks

Nestled along the shores of the Mexican-Carribean lies Hacienda Jaguar, the newest private villa rental in the Riviera Maya, part of the Riviera Maya Haciendas collection. Officially finished and debuted in March 2024, Hacienda Jaguar stands out not just for its location and amenities but also its cultural inspiration. Drawing from the revered jaguar, a symbol held sacred by the Mayan people since ancient times, this villa weaves a tapestry of comfort and heritage. Recently, we had the pleasure of experiencing this special beachfront retreat firsthand, and it’s our  pleasure to share what makes Hacienda Jaguar a great choice for your next Riviera Maya vacation.


The Location

Located in Puerto Aventuras, a gated marina community midway between the vibrant hubs of Playa del Carmen and Tulum, Hacienda Jaguar sits right on the beach of Fatima Bay. The central location of Puerto Aventuras not only offers easy access to both tourist hotspots but also places you amidst a wealth of natural wonders and recreational activities. Puerto Aventuras itself exudes a relaxed community vibe, inviting leisurely strolls to nearby shops and restaurants along the marina’s boardwalk. Whether you seek tranquility within the coziness of of the villa or crave exploration in your surroundings, Hacienda Jaguar has you covered.

Hacienda Jaguar pool view from a room


Flexibility for Groups

One of the villa’s most appealing features is its flexibility in accommodating diverse group sizes. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, Hacienda Jaguar can be tailored to suit your needs, offering anywhere from 6 to 12 bedrooms with adjustable pricing. That means, no need to stress when planning a group trip and trying to get everyone to commit and confirm upfront. If people decide to join later, you can just add in another room!

For even larger groups needing yet more space, Hacienda Jaguar conveniently offers the option to expand your accommodations by renting neighboring sister-villas of the Riviera Maya Hacienda collection, creating a seamless experience for groups of up to 100+ people in 51 bedrooms! Across the four properties, each hacienda boasts it’s own vibe and decor, with Hacienda Jaguar leaning on the modern and contemporary side with a thoughtful design that includes a sprawling poolside area, an inviting outdoor bar, covered terrace, and fire pit.


Value and Amenities

What elevates the experience at Hacienda Jaguar is its detail-oriented level of service and amenities. Unlike many other villas, Hacienda Jaguar comes fully staffed with a dedicated team including a butler, chef, concierge, mixologist and more, ensuring that every aspect of your stay is attended to with care and expertise. Indulge in authentic Mexican cuisine crafted by skilled chefs, savor fancy cocktails prepared by your own mixologist, and immerse yourself in a sensorial journey against the backdrop of mesmerizing ocean and beach views. At Hacienda Jaguar, warm hospitality and luxury converge to create a truly unforgettable stay.

In essence, Hacienda Jaguar isn’t just a place to stay; it’s an experience that combines the best of Mexico’s natural beauty, cultural heritage, and modern luxury. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat or a lively gathering, Hacienda Jaguar sets the stage for memories that will last a lifetime.

Hacienda Jaguar beach view from living room

Are you Ready to Start Planning your Trip to Hacienda Jaguar?

Get in touch with our villa specialist,  Annel, to check availability and pricing at Hacienda Jaguar, Riviera Maya’s newest private villa rental.  All Journey Mexico trips provide guests with a 24/7 in-country travel assistant.





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