Seven Summer Days in the Exclusive Careyes Estate

The ultra-exclusive community of Careyes, which sits on Mexico’s Pacific coast, is enjoyed as much for its packed social calendar as it is for its stunning luxury villas with astounding vistas over the ocean.

The bo-ho chic residents who live and vacation there are social folk, joining together for any number of activities ranging from art shows to board game afternoons and mountain bike treks.

But what would a week in Careyes look like? Below is a seven-day sample diary with each event taken from the official 2019 Careyes summer calendar.


Seven days in Careyes


The week begins with a 9.30am group yoga session with guidance from a highly trained instructor. Surrounded by jungle foliage, the class is ideally located to aid relaxation and feel in-tune with the glorious natural surroundings.

The rest of the day can be spent relaxing on the beach, taking time out to dine at La Duna, an elegant breakfast and lunch eatery at El Careyes Club which serves freshly caught fish and Mexican classics. In the evening, cheer on the teams taking part in the Basketball Tournament in Pueblo Careyes.

For dinner, head to Pueblo25 and enjoy their ‘globally inspired’ menu, which focuses on environmental sustainability and sourcing ingredients from local farmers.



Tuesday begins bright and early, registering for Careyes’ Annual Fishing Tournament at 8am. Spend the next few hours pitting your wits against nature in the hope of landing the biggest catch. A trophy presentation will take place on Playa Rosa at 1pm.

After lunch, a backgammon contest takes place at the Playa Rosa Beach Club. Bring your own backgammon for some friendly competition and a chance to meet your fellow Careyes residents. At 6pm, there is a kids’ movie screening at Cinema Paradiso, which gives the adults a chance for some cool drinks as the sun sets.

At 9pm, dress up for an extra special bonfire dinner at Teopa Beach.



Shake off any tiredness with a paddle board contest at Le Coco D’Or. Attempt to ride the waves without falling in. After a late breakfast, head to Campamento La Selva (just 540 yards from Careyes’ main entrance) for a gentle stroll around the new biodynamic vegetable garden.

In the evening, starting at 8pm, there’s an extra special art exhibition by Rudy Choperena at Careyes Art Space. Choperena, whose work has been displayed across the world, creates a dynamic collection of abstract pieces which feels both progressive and timeless.

After, it’s time to unwind with a glass of wine or a cocktail and join the party at Cocodrilo Azul, a beach-side events space with breath-taking views over the seas and cliffs ahead of it.



Enjoy another yoga session at 9.30am (unless the party ran on too late). Join the group and stretch out those legs that are sore from the previous night’s dancing. The rest of the day is free to enjoy. Careyes has a wealth of outdoors activities available, including horseback riding lessons, kayaking, surfing, or mountain biking.

Alternatively, you could take things easy with a temazcal ceremony in Playa Rosa or chill at a beach club.

In the evening, the Careyes community shifts into gear once more. At 6pm, join the bazaar at Plaza Caballeros del Sol, which includes boutique wares from local artisans and Mexican creatives. After, enjoy tacos, pizzas, and finger food in the same market.



On Friday, it’s time to relax. There’s yoga in the morning and Pilates in the afternoon, but there’s also stretching sands and the glittering Pacific to enjoy as well. Grab a good book and unwind on the soft sands, listening to the ebb and flow of the sea.

At 6pm, send the kids to Plaza Caballeros del Sol for a movie screening. Head back to the luxury Careyes villa and get ready for a splendid evening of sunset cocktails and dinner at Casa Infinito. The entrance costs to this special event will be put towards the Careyes Foundation, a collection of programs that benefit education, sports, ecology, and the arts along the South Pacific coast of Mexico.



Start the day with a leisurely mud bath ceremony at Playa Rosa. Wash away the impurities and feel like a new person spending the rest of the day pampering, relaxing, and dining at one of Careyes’ many splendid restaurants.

In the evening, there are sunset cocktails at El Careyes Club followed by a party at Casa de Nada. Dance into the night, before heading back to the villa for an excellent night’s sleep.



With such a busy schedule, Sunday can be used to recharge fully. Again, there’s yoga in the morning and Pilates in the afternoon, but the majority of people will just want to relax. Take a gentle stroll around Careyes’ walking trail, making sure to look out for the tropical creatures that live nearby.


Join the Careyes community for the fun-filled week of a lifetime

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